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▶ Penn’s Leadership Resigns Amid Controversies Over Antisemitism

The University of Pennsylvania’s president, M. Elizabeth Magill, resigned on Saturday, four days after she appeared before Congress and seemed to evade the question of whether students who called for the genocide of Jews should be punished. Times journalists reported that she will stay at Penn as a faculty member in the law school. The article received more than 1,200 reader comments.

▶ Inside OpenAI’s Crisis Over the Future of Artificial Intelligence

In November, Sam Altman, the chief executive of OpenAI, who became the face of the artificial intelligence boom, was pushed out of the company by its board of directors. His ouster was the result of years of tensions at OpenAI that pitted those alarmed by A.I.’s power against others who saw the technology as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

▶ ‘S.N.L.’ Invites University of Phoenix to the House Antisemitism Hearing

Hours after it was announced that M. Elizabeth Magill was resigning as president of the University of Pennsylvania, “Saturday Night Live” led its broadcast with a satirical recreation of the Tuesday hearing. “The result was a sketch that was only somewhat less uncomfortable than the real-life event it was mocking,” Dave Itzkoff reported.

▶ 8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner, According to Therapists

Having a fight? “You’re overreacting” will only make it worse. For the Well section, Jancee Dunn spoke with therapists about the phrases you should never use during an argument. “Calm down,” for example, may only have the opposite effect, according to one expert.





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